Karen Lang, MSW, LAc

State and Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist

Devoted to your lightness of being

“My passion is to help people re-establish their natural ability to thrive — physically, emotionally, and energetically. I love to help my patients come alive again and re-experience their lightness of being with the extraordinary healing power of acupuncture.”
— Karen Lang


Karen has been helping people lift their lives out of pain for more than 23 years. Using several lineages of acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine modalities, Karen has helped many people transform their health by addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, menopause symptoms and fertility support.

With an open and nonjudgmental approach, Karen previously spent over twenty years as a counselor and program leader, helping to improve sexual assault prevention and response practices at state, local and national levels. Having earned a Masters degree in social work, Karen is a fabulous listener, and brought her kind manner to projects that prevent and heal suffering from trauma and abuse.

But a few years ago Karen’s heart yearned to create a space of profound healing for all people.

Her change of career direction may also have had something to do with the athletic injury she suffered in 2009, which sidelined her and caused tremendous pain. The experience affirmed in her the power of acupuncture and its amazing ability to resolve pain and illness, to recover quickly, and to achieve optimal health. Now she’s hooked and is proud to help you create miracles with your health, too.

“I came to acupuncture because I loved Karen’s presence of peace and compassion and I hadn’t experienced it before. The only aspect I thought of healing was my knee, I didn’t realize that acupuncture can help other aspects of life such as stress, nutrition, food allergy reactions, colds. I have learned more about my body and my body type based on Chinese medicine. In my corporate career days I traveled to Asia many times and I always felt better physically even when I was experiencing the jet lag effects, now I understand why, because their diet is more aligned with my biology. Acupuncture is one of the deepest healing methodologies I have experienced. After being with Karen I feel seen, heard and my life has improved.”
— Virginia