Acupuncture Helps Allergy Sufferers

Ah, spring has sprung.  It is beautiful here in Decatur!  Our daffodils are blooming and the tulip magnolia is a riot of pink petals.  I am just starting to see the yellow pine pollen dusting my car.  For many of us this is the harbinger of runny noses, scratchy throats, watery eyes and sinus headaches.  Acupuncture can help all of that.

My first experience of acupuncture felt like a miracle.  I had moved to Atlanta from Michigan and my allergies went crazy.  From March to November I had daily horrendous sinus headaches.  I wanted to rip out my teeth from the pressure.  I tried everything: medication, allergy shots, visualization.  I had my sinus cavities scoped.  Nothing helped. The side effects of the allergy medications were almost as bad as the sinus pressure; I walked around like a zombie or felt like a squirrel on speed depending on which one I was taking.  Finally a friend suggested that I try acupuncture.  It sounded weird but I was desperate (sound familiar?).  The relief was not immediate but once it arrived it was lasting and oh so sweet.  These days my symptoms are pretty mild and I manage them with some herbs and occasional treatments. 

If you suffer from spring (or anytime!) allergies acupuncture can make a big difference in your life.  This is my second spring in practice and my regular patients that I treat for other issues have been commenting that their usual spring allergy response is not happening.   In Chinese Medicine we address the root cause of the condition, not just the symptoms.   It is like a tree: the roots are the cause and the symptoms are the branches.  You can have many symptoms that have the same root cause.  By addressing the root cause in these patients I have automatically taken care of their symptoms so the spring allergies are either not cropping up or are very mild.  Score one for acupuncture! 

If you have the scratchy throat-runny nose-watery eyes-sinus congestion blues give yourself the gift of allergy relief and schedule an appointment today!