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Ancient Methods Treating Modern Problems

Acupuncture has been a powerful healing modality in China for thousands of years and its effectiveness has finally been confirmed by modern Western scientific research methods.

From the Chinese medicine perspective, the pain, dysfunction, illnesses and diseases you experience are the result of blocked or interrupted energy flows in your body. Restoring and sustaining health is a practical matter of rebuilding flow, balance and harmony in your body’s fourteen distinct energy systems.

Using ultra-fine, sterile needles, Dogwood Healing Arts acupuncture painlessly stimulates precise points along the course of the 14 energy ‘superhighways’ in your body, called channels. The process allows your body to regain strength, function and optimal health. And, for most people, there are no negative side effects.

Since acupuncture works holistically, your entire body can benefit from acupuncture treatments, even if you’re addressing only one or two issues. In session, Karen often recognizes that distinct symptoms — affecting very different parts of the body — actually stem from the same “disconnect” in the energy system. Treating one issue will quite often improve other pain or illness at the same time.

Karen Lang, LAc draws from several lineages of acupuncture to provide a wide range of healing techniques. These include the classical lineages of Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi and Dr. Tran Viet Dzung, as well as the lineages of Master Tung and Dr. Richard Tan, commonly known as balance method.

 “The power of acupuncture to create lasting transformation in health and well-being is unparalleled. I am in awe every day of the healing power of this medicine. I feel privileged to practice acupuncture and to witness the incredible results in my practice.”
— Karen Lang, Dogwood Healing Arts



Relieve Pain and Reduce Muscle Tension

Since the 2016 Olympics, cupping has gotten attention as the world gawked at the odd, purplish circles on many of the athletes’ back and shoulders. It’s not surprising that professional athletes would choose this extraordinarily effective method to help them relieve pain and reduce muscle tension.

Here’s how it works: a specially made glass, bamboo or plastic cup is placed on the skin, creating a vacuum. The vacuum helps to relieve muscle tension and soreness by pulling the tissue up into the cup and increasing circulation of blood and lymph. 

Once the cups are applied they might be gently moved or they might simply sit stationary, depending on the goal of your treatment. 

Karen frequently chooses cupping for back or shoulder pain, but its benefits extend far beyond that. She may choose it for respiratory conditions since it helps to clear congestion from the lungs. And since cupping helps increase circulation, it can be of great benefit to people who suffer from chronic fatigue.

Results from cupping are heightened when done along with acupuncture. 

“What does it feel like? There’s often a pulling sensation under the cups. Most patients experience a sense of release and relief when the cups are applied. If it fits into your treatment plan, we’ll use cupping and you’ll feel the difference!”
— Karen Lang, Dogwood Healing Arts



Like the Sun Warming You

We call it “Moxa” for short.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that is commonly used in tandem with acupuncture. Its purpose is to stimulate the flow of ‘Qi’ — the energy that nourishes and balances each organ in your body — and to help maintain good health.

Moxa is made from the dried leafy material of Chinese mugwort. Karen includes moxa in the treatment plan when patients have pain, or a ‘cold’ or ‘damp’ condition according to Chinese medicine. At Dogwood Healing Arts, we use a liquid moxa tincture or moxa balm along with a warming TDP heat lamp.

Moxa treatment usually feels fantastic. Something like what a cat feels when she’s curled up in a sunny spot on the sofa.

The National Institutes of Health actually recommends moxa to turn breech babies! 


Gua Sha

An Anti-inflammatory Technique

Gua sha is a unique practice of using a smooth tool to scrape the surface of the skin providing an anti-inflammatory and immune-protective effect that will remain in effect for days. The tool used for Gua sha can be a smooth stone or jade, a smooth edge of something ceramic, or even an animal horn!

Gua sha is effective to reduce pain, stiffness, fever, chill, coughing and wheezing. In fact, if you are starting to come down with a cold a treatment, a Gua sha treatment might stop it from progressing. We’ve also used gua sha to resolve cases of tendonitis. Similar to cupping, Gua sha is most effective when used in conjunction with acupuncture.



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